Everyday Shawls: 10 Patterns and Recipes to Create Your Own

A 30-page e-book, and perhaps the last shawl pattern you’ll ever need?

This booklet includes ten knitting patterns for top-down triangular shawls. Each is the same shape: a wide triangle, shaped with increases worked on the right and wrong sides.

There are five that use classic textured fabrics: garter and garter ridge patterns, (K1, P1), (K2, P2) and (K3, P3) ribbing, and there are five that use variations of the ribbing patterns. All of the fabrics are entirely reversible, and they look great in a wide range of different colourways.

These are non-gendered, everyday shawls that look great with casual outfits and coats. The first one I designed and knit became my favourite desk shawl; over a cold winter working from home, it lived on the back of my office chair, and I’d wrap it around myself whenever I needed a bit of extra warmth or comfort.

These designs can be made with any weight of yarn, and can be worked to your preferred size – you start with a small stitch count, and work until it’s the size you want, or you’ve used up your yarn. I’ve included a table of yardage required at different gauges for different sizes; if you’re using up stash, you’ll know how big your shawl will get; if you’re shopping, you’ll know how much to buy for a specific size.

These patterns can be knitted as is, or used as a template for designing your own: you’ll find the basic recipes at the end, for you to apply your own choice of pattern stitches.

You’ll also find tips for working the shawls, and guidance on all the key techniques – including suggestions for yarns to use. If you’ve never made a shawl before, this is a great place to start.

$15 for the e-book.