Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter

New Fall 2020

This book is all about bringing together two very different brains to equip adventurous knitters with the skills to design and knit their own custom shawls and wraps.

My portion of the book starts with more than 20 recipes and formulas for all the classic shawl shapes: squares and rectangles, triangles symmetrical and asymmetrical, crescents, circles and semi-circles. I wrote a detailed chapter with techniques, tips and tutorials to address the technical aspects of shawl knitting, from CO and BO methods, the pesky garter tab, increases and decreases, all the way through to blocking and weaving in ends. And I created a stitch dictionary with a few ideas to kick-start your creativity.

My co-author, Kim McBrien Evans has written extensively on yarn choice and fabric, and colour. And she wrote about the second half of the design process: how to take the core recipes, stitch patterns and techniques, and combine and expand them, how to leverage and break those rules.

I teach you how to make a shawl, and Kim teaches you how to make it your own, exactly the way you want it to look and feel.

Dotted throughout the book are helpful tools like suggested sizes, yardage tables, advice on how to wrap and wear shawls.

The book also includes 13 patterns using a variety of yarns both mainstream and indie, providing knitters with projects to knit, and inspiration for customizing and creating their own designs.